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Things to do in Queenstown in Autumn

Queenstown is best known as a winter destination being close to many excellent ski fields, indeed it is one of the skiing capitals of the southern hemisphere. It is also well known as a summer destination too when the ski poles are replaced with walking poles for the busy tramping season.

Queenstown though doesn’t really have an off-season. Autumn is a fine time to enjoy much of what the region has to offer. Here are some activities you can do in the fall.

Hiking/Tramping – Even if the tops of the mountains are starting to look a little brushed with snow there is still plenty of hiking options for those who do not fancy putting on crampons and carrying ice-axes!

The Greenstone track which starts approximately 65kms from Queenstown is a low level hike that can be pretty much walked year round. In the autumn it is also possible to make it a circular walk with the ever popular Routeburn track.

Mountain Biking – Queenstown is still very much at the center of mountain biking in the south island and there are heaps of opportunities to ride the many tracks around the regions.

On the Lake – You can take out kayaks and even parascend over The Lake  Wakatipui or take a more leisurely trip over to Walter Peak on the Earnshaw that departs from Downtown Queenstown every day of the year.


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