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The Five Unmissable Museums in NZ

NZ might be a relatively small and new country but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some world class museums to crow about.

It’s not all spectacular landscapes in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Middle Earth has some great culture too and here are our five favourite places not to miss!

1. Te Papa
The MUST SEE man made thing in NZ. Based in the nations capital of Wellington, Te Papa (meaning our place in maori) is one of the World’s best modern museums. Miss it at your peril!

2. KD’s Elvis Presley Museum
Elvis lives! At least he does at Kevin D Wasley’s astonishing museum, which houses over 10,000 of the King’s records and a mind-blowing collection of Elvis memorabilia collected over 50 years. ‘Passion is an understatement’, says KD. Just don’t ask him about the chubby Vegas-era Elvis: his focus is squarely on the rock ‘n’ roll King from the ’50s and ’60s.

3. Auckland Museum
Dominating the Domain is this imposing neo-classical temple (1929), capped with an impressive copper-and-glass dome (2007). Its comprehensive display of Pacific Island and Maori artefacts on the ground floor deserves to be on your ‘must see’ list.

4. New Zealand Rugby Museum

Fans of the oval ball holler about the New Zealand Rugby Museum, an amazing new space overflowing with rugby paraphernalia, from a 1905 All Blacks jumper to a scrum machine and the actual whistle used to start the first game of every Rugby World Cup.

5. Left Bank Art Gallery
This 90-year old former bank houses contemporary NZ jade carvings, prints, paintings, photographs and ceramics. The gallery also fosters and supports a wide society of West Coast artists.



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