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Milford Track is for everyone!

Everyone ought to do this great walk that intrinsically receives a really sizable amount of tourists p.a.. The Milford is taken into account by several to be one in all the best hikes within the world because of its superb scenery.

The complete track takes four days — solely on the market to be walked in one direction — from the Te Anau finish to Milford Sound. there’s additionally the choice for sooner or later radio-controlled walks of the primary section of the track.


Cross the Clinton watercourse on this spectacular seventy two m bridge, designed by Fijian engineers in 1978. The bridge could be a excellent place to identify eels and trout within the watercourse

Fiordland parkland is notable for its high annual precipitation however don’t despair! The rain provides a mystical moss-draped forest, energetic streams and rivers, and waterfalls that ar even additional spectacular!

Here ar some things to seem for…

Look out for whio (blue duck) riding rapids on the Clinton and Arthur Rivers. usually exhausting to identify, their blue-grey feathers offer excellent camouflage amongst rocks. Males whistle a decision of ‘fee-o’ whereas females build a coffee rattling sound

Follow within the footsteps of early soul Quintin McKinnon WHO discovered the route from Lake Te Anau to Milford Sound in 1888 that’s currently splendidly referred to as the Milford Track

Spectacular Joan Sutherland Falls drops 580 m in 3 leaps from Lake Quill. Leave your pack at the shelter however don’t forget to require your waterproof – the falls generate plenty of spray! enable one.5 hours for the come trip
For a close track description, freelance walking guide and places to remain on the track visit the DOC web site.


How to get to the track
Walking the Milford Track needs bus or personal transport to Te Anau Downs, then a ship trip (1 hour fifteen min) to piece of ground Wharf, the beginning of the track. Boat transport (15 min) is additionally needed from sand fly purpose, at the tip of the track, to Milford Sound/Piopiotahi.

Travelling by road: between Te Anau and Te Anau Downs (27 km), between Milford Sound and Te Anau (120 km) and between Te Anau and Queenstown (197 km)

During the nice Walks season (late Gregorian calendar month to late April) there ar regular transport services to and from the Milford Track. Boat transport is needed at each ends of the track. Road transport is needed to the boat departure purpose at Te Anau Downs and from Milford Sound. you’ve got the choice to book connecting transport on-line once you book your hut tickets.

Best time to travel
The best time to steer the Milford Track is throughout the nice Walks season from late Gregorian calendar month to late April once the weather is hotter and there ar additional regular transport services to and from the beginning and finish of the track. throughout the off-season season (May to October) the Milford Track remains open however is subject to weather, track and avalanche conditions

Travelling with children?
The Milford Track isn’t suggested for youngsters below the age of ten owing to the exposed mountainous setting and sometimes adverse atmospheric condition.

Safety is your responsibility
A good level of fitness and therefore the right outside vesture, gear and instrumentation can greatly improve the enjoyment of your trip. Safety is your responsibility – leave your trip details with a sure contact. Intention forms and therefore the outside safety code may be found on the AdventureSmart web site.

Book before
Book your trip well before as well as your accommodation, transport and transfers to the start/end of your nice Walk – visit DOC’s web site for a listing of operators.

Pack all necessary instrumentation
Great Walkers got to be self reliant on the track, therefore make certain you’ve got packed your own food and drinks and any private property required for your trip as well as an additional day’s provide of food. Food and drinks don’t seem to be on the market for purchase at nice Walks huts and campsites.

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