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Middle earth is saved!

Great news for the tourism industry in New Zealand, Middle Earth is saved!

Tourism New Zealand says it is “absolutely thrilled” with the deal that has secured The Hobbit movies.

“The Hobbit provides us with another great opportunity to promote New Zealand to the world in a unique way and to raise awareness of New Zealand as a visitor destination,” said public affairs manager Suzanne Carter.

“People are still travelling to New Zealand today because of the exposure gained through the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit will provide another much-needed boost to our tourism industry.”

Ms Carter said tourism was New Zealand’s top export earner worth $9.5 billion.

“As with the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Tourism New Zealand will be looking at every opportunity to leverage the profile of The Hobbit to promote New Zealand.”

If you are heading to NZ ensure you have adequate travel insurance over 80 so you are covered if anything unforseen happens.

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