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Battle heats up between Jetstar and Air NZ

Jetstar says it is “ironic” that Air New Zealand is offering disgruntled Jetstar customers cheap airline tickets.

The offer followed a horror start for the fledgling Jetstar operation in New Zealand, as customers complained about being stranded by its 30-minute check-in policy or were delayed, often by hours.

Air NZ made the $50 offer yesterday to anyone who had bought Jetstar tickets and been frustrated by their service.

Tickets had to have been purchased by yesterday and the offer would be available until after the school holidays on July 19.

Jetstar executive manager commercial David Koczkar said today it was “ironic” that it was only after Jetstar’s entry into the New Zealand market that Air NZ decided to offer customers low fares – “and not even to their own customers, but to ours”.

“We thank Air New Zealand for finally supporting the concept of truly low fare travel.

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