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10 reasons not to visit New Zealand

New Zealand is of course highly respected as a travel destination and is often voted as a number one destination but there is another side to tourism is NZ.

We love NZ but have thought of 10 reasons not to visit the Land of the Long White Cloud.

The New Zealand weather

If you are from the UK then you might consider the weather to be ok but that’s only because you are from a crappy climate.

Some parts of NZ receives more rainfall than any other country on earth! Go figure and bring your umbrella or better still stay in sunny Australia.

NOTE to always take out appropriate one month travel insurance to NZ.

The parochial locals

Kiwis can be a funny bunch. Living in such a remote country has inflicted a parochial attitude on many of the locals. Those who don’t travel can be particularly narrow minded.

Too many rules and regulations

Kiwis love rules and regs! You cannot drink beer in public places, you cannot camp near the beach unless you have a toilet in your camper, you cannot walk on the right side of the sidewalk in Wellington etc etc Way too many rules. So much for being a laid-back country!

The cities totally suck

Wellington is just about okay but the rest of the towns and cities in NZ totally suck. Auckland is a big overpriced hell hole for starters! Towns like Palmerston North are as depressing as anywhere on earth, then you have Invercargill!

It’s very expensive

Everything is NZ is overpriced. Eating out is crazy expensive, beer are expensive, hostel dorm beds are even expensive. No wonder a lot of young backpackers decide to free-camp everywhere and live off $1 noodles!

On top of that it’s a very expensive flight too.

Hard to understand locals

Kiwis speak a very weird version of English that can be hard to understand.

Monopolies rule in NZ

Kwis hate competition when it comes to business. This is the reason why there is only one bus on certain routes and why shuttle buses are a total rip off.

Profiteering from the back-country

In order to walk the ‘World’s best walk’ – the Milford Track (it’s so not the best walk!) you have to stump up the best part of $400. For this all you get is a stinky plastic mattress for three nights, 50 other hikers who are usually the rudest type of tourist and a whole load of rain!

Lack of vibrancy

The whole country lacks any excitement and buzz. After a while it can become very boring and dull.

Kiwis are not as friendly as they are made out to be

Most Kiwis think their precious little country is overrun with tourists and as a result can be quite hostile to visitors. Just take a look at any of the comments sections on NZ news websites.

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